"We are collectors of moments, painters of light, story tellers, adventure seekers and admirers
of this beautiful life...."

We are a family team! Meghan and Micaela are twin sisters and Meghan and Crosby are Married! We are located in the beautiful Carolinas, with a passion and desire to capture the moments that impact people's lives the most. Memories fade over time, but we truly believe that the ones that make your life beautiful should be preserved forever. In life we all have a story to tell and photography is our way of telling it! We feel so blessed that God has given us the ability to not only do what we love as our career, but that He has allowed us to do this together! We love creating beautiful images and capturing the most joyful moments of people's lives. We are so glad you found us, and we hope you enjoy looking through our work and discovering what we are all about!

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what we believe

...that your story is worth remembering and you should never

have to regret not preserving every detail of it...

...photography is more than just images, It's a real part
of your day, life and legacy...

To preserve the fundamental moments of those we have the honor of capturing through photographs in hope that through careful preservation of authentically curated moments we would never let a story go untold. A generation left without a tangible heritage or the power of love lost without a documented legacy.
We commit to always keep Christ as the foundation of our business in acknowledgment of the greater purpose of this business as we glorify God through serving our clients.
We hold ourselves to the standards of quality, integrity and service as we offer our clients an experience with photographs that enriches and extends the value of the moments they share with us and forever reminds them of what makes their life so beautiful.

our mission

To never let a love story go untold as we authentically document and preserve it's foundation with the highest quality and the greatest service to reveal a timeless testimony now and a heritage for generations to come of the legacy left by it's love. Learn how Meghan and/or Micaela can capture your wedding day or family at truefoundationphotography@gmail.com

our philosophy

True Foundation is inspired from a verse in the Bible (1 Corinthians 3:11) that has always guided us through life. Whatever we did our parents always encouraged us to make sure our foundation was true, unshakable, built on the unmovable rock of Jesus Christ, so that no matter what circumstance came our way we would not be moved. That our lives would never waver because of the foundation we committed to lay was steadfast in the truth of the Gospel. Photography really laid a foundation for our future that enables us to not only do what we love together, but to live the life we were called to live in Jesus Christ.  We feel that as photographers we capture moments in people's lives that are life changing...Whether they are graduating from high school or college, getting married, starting a family, etc... they are all laying a foundation for a new chapter in their lives. We grew up with a passion of telling stories in every form! Whether it was dancing, writing, painting, singing, etc... if there was a story to be told we wanted to tell it! We feel so blessed to say that our passion became our career and we love that every day we get to preserve and document the amazing stories of so many beautiful lives! 

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